7 Financial Breakthrough Prayer Points For Christians

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When it comes to spiritual warfare, money is one of the most important battlegrounds. The devil does not want Christians to have money, because it can be used for the work of the kingdom. He will place roadblocks in their path to frustrate them, but Christians have authority over Satan. Prayer can overcome any obstacle that Satan will put in your way.

Pray to be a good steward of money. Practicing good money management will make it easier for you to access your finances and to handle them in a manner that pleases God. This prayer will break through limitations and bring you financial breakthrough. You will also experience a feeling of comfort and ease after praying this prayer.

Pay attention to your mindset. Your debt may be a symptom of a toxic energy that you are carrying. Try to avoid spending your time with people who drain your energy. Spending time with people with toxic personalities will drain your energy. Identify your areas of debt, and pray to remove these negative energies.

Love God and obey His word. Prosperity and wealth are in God’s plan for His children. In His kingdom, we have financial dominion and prosperity because our focus is on the Giver. If we follow His will, He will open doors and windows of heaven. This is the path to genuine financial breakthrough. Keep praying this way, and you will begin to see the results. And remember, your money will follow.

If you want your business to flourish, you need to pray for divine favor. With the power of prayer, you will be able to charge your clients what you’re worth. By using this prayer, you can begin to manifest abundance in your business and your life. You’ll be grateful for all the blessings that God sends you.

The next step is to pray for wisdom and guidance when it comes to your money. The Bible provides many passages that speak about finances. Psalm 115:16 teaches us to honor the Lord with our wealth. Proverbs 3:9 teaches us to be faithful to our Lord, even in unrighteous wealth. The Bible also teaches us to give with a cheerful heart.

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