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Auctions are a risky business, but with the right strategy, even seemingly worthless items can be profitable. During the show, Jon and Cindy learn how to spot what will sell for top dollar and what will just fall flat. For instance, one man brings a 92-carat ruby necklace and a 1967 Triumph Chopper, hoping to sell the classic Chopper and use the money to renovate his house. Another man brings a case of his presidential brother’s Billy Beer, but a beer expert says it’s worthless.

Cindy was scared by Jon’s attempt to scare her, but she eventually played along. Later, Jon calls in a psychic to help clean the board. The board, once cleansed, predicts its own sell price. The board’s appraised value was between $100 and $200. Jon and Cindy later learn that the ‘5’ on the board is worth a fraction of its true value. The board ends up selling for $150.

The Atlanta area buyers know where to go to buy high-end, odd, and unique items. The auction house is known for its unique and bizarre items, and its owner, Paul Brown, has a reputation for selling anything. He works with a feisty staff and mingles with customers. The auctions are often filled with bizarre and unusual items. Throughout the show, you can expect to see everything from African artifacts to alien props, which Paul’s dad traded for his pool table.

Auction Kings is a popular reality television show in the Georgia area. The show has been viewed in over a million homes across the country. It has also been shown in many international countries. If you have a TV or an internet connection, you can watch the show online. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves auctions.

The Auction King crew works with Paul Brown’s Gallery 63 to find unusual and valuable items to sell. One auction features a 19th century copy of the Declaration of Independence and a Tiffany grandfather clock. The auction crew also enjoys a behind-the-scenes tour at a wildlife preserve.

Among the items for sale on the show are an antique Wooton desk he got in a pick. Paul learns about the history of the item, and a woman brings in a trunk from the early 1900s containing a collection of valuable items. Another item for sale at the auction includes a 1637 prayer book used by some of the Founding Fathers. This item can fetch between five and seven thousand dollars, and proceeds from the sale go to the homeless.

The auction house where Cindy and Paul work is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. They have a friend named Delfino Ramos who has been with Paul since the gallery’s founding.

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