Dalaran WoT Auction House

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The Dalaran Auction House is open to all players. This auction house is the main hub for player activity in the game. Before Dalaran was made, Shattrath City was the main hub for player activity, which allowed players to quickly access the southern continents and the high-level content in Northrend. However, in patch 4.1.0, the Dalaran Auction House lost its main spot, as portals were added to Stormwind City.

It is also possible to access Dalaran’s Auction House by getting the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount. This mount allows players to use their enchanted items to sell. The Dalaran Auction House is not overly busy and there is not much content there right now, but it is still worth checking out before portaling back to Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Before Dalaran was made a city, it was in the Alterac Mountains. This city’s residents gathered together and created guided power that helped move it to the “roof of the world”. It was a city built as a front against the Lich King’s crusade and Malygos’ crusade.

Once you have accessed Dalaran’s portal, you will be able to teleport to it once every 20 minutes. You can also teleport to Dalaran from any Class Hall, such as Stormwind Keep or the Cleft of Shadow. While you can teleport yourself to Dalaran, you shouldn’t use the portal on your own unless you know someone who can teleport you out.

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