DFCU Financial

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DFCU Financial is a financial cooperative that offers several products and services to its members. Its main focus is education, and it provides a variety of resources for members to improve their finances. The organization offers a series of seminars on money-related topics, as well as podcasts and money management tools on its website. Additionally, its mobile apps provide members with tools to help manage their finances.

DFCU Financial is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. It is a state-chartered credit union that serves Michigan residents. Its branches are located in communities throughout the state. Its members have access to over 22,000 accounts and more than 17 financial counselors. In 2009, it merged with CapCom Credit Union and MidWest Financial.

DFCU Financial is an interesting organization because it offers its members a free P2P digital payment service. This service is not typically offered by credit unions or banks. That makes it a unique offering and a convenient alternative to using third-party P2P platforms. In addition, its mobile apps have high ratings on Apple and Google Play.

DFCU Financial has several savings accounts that offer rewards. Its regular savings account offers 0.02% dividends, while its holiday and special savings account offers cash back based on balance and age. Customers can also round up purchases using their Mastercard debit card and deposit the difference into their savings account. More than $1.7 million is currently in the savings account of DFCU Financial members.

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