Financial Peace University Review

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The Financial Peace University program was created by Dave Ramsey, a financial author and speaker. His financial advice has been featured on TV shows and syndicated radio. His program consists of video teaching, live classes, and a book. You can buy the book and watch the videos to learn more about his principles and tips for financial peace.

The nine-lesson course teaches you how to use a Baby Steps method to pay off your debt and start saving for the future. The course is packed with positive energy and easy-to-follow lessons and real-life examples of people who have successfully taken control of their finances. You can even purchase a gift certificate and pass it on to someone you care about.

The Financial Peace University teaches nine lessons that cover budgeting, paying off debt, and investing for the future. The lessons are based on biblical principles and common sense. You will receive encouragement from fellow FPU graduates, as well as access to exclusive online tools to help you implement the advice learned. Afterwards, you can take your Financial Peace Membership to gain access to exclusive financial tools.

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