Free Stock Video Collections

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Among the best resources to use when creating videos are free stock video collections. You can find footage from movies, television shows, commercials, and more, and you need to pay very little to use these assets. The best place to find free stock video clips is the growing community of videographers who provide their footage for free. However, it is important to remember that you must give proper credit to the creators of these footage, and you may not make any changes.

Another resource to find free stock videos is MotionPlaces. This site offers a wide range of HD footage that is organized by theme and location. All you have to do to download a clip is sign up with your email address. You may also want to check out MotionPlaces’ 4K footage, but be aware that you need to cite the source.

You can also use free stock video from Pixabay. The videos are typically under a minute long and can be downloaded in any resolution. The Pixabay library also includes HD footage and 4K videos. You can find videos for any occasion, including nature, people, and business settings. With free stock videos, you can easily create professional videos without paying a dime.

When you are looking for free stock videos, you can check out the websites of professional videographers and film directors. Most of these websites have a great selection of footage. The only restriction is that you have to adhere to the terms and license of the site.

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