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Google Finance is a website that focuses on business news and financial information. It is run by Google and is free to use. The website is easy to navigate and can be used to find information in a variety of ways. Using Google Finance can be helpful for both beginners and experienced investors. It also features a wide variety of financial news and information from around the world.

Google Finance provides numerous features, including interactive charts and discussion groups. It also allows you to create your own custom portfolio. It can also import and export various finance applications, such as spreadsheets and text files. You can also use the Google Finance API to import data from other services, such as brokerage firms. Google Finance also offers a portfolio charting feature, which will compare the value of your portfolio with the values of various major indexes and specific stocks.

Using Google Finance is a great way to keep your financial life in order. Not only can you track your portfolio, but you can also view market trends, company performance, and business news. Another useful feature is the ability to see how popular a particular business is on search engines. The new integration of Google Finance with Google’s primary search engine will give it unprecedented capabilities.

Besides providing real-time stock quotes, Google Finance also offers currency conversions and a wealth of other financial tools. You can even set up your own personal portfolio and track your stocks over time. You can also create custom financial charts and share them with others. Google Finance also has a stock screener that will allow you to search for stocks based on certain characteristics. You can even add earnings calls and other company events to your calendar.

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