How to Determine the Value of an Auction Watch

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When it comes to determining a watch’s value, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, check the condition of the piece. This is important because the condition of an item can make a difference in whether or not a buyer bids. Another tip is to look at the rarity of the item. High-resolution digital photographs are a great way to make a quick decision.

Another thing to consider is whether the watch brand is willing to bid on its own timepiece. Some watch companies openly bid on their own watches, and others are more cautious. For example, watch brand Breguet will often try to buy timepieces over 200 years old, with the hopes of preserving and showing off history. However, the brand is not always in the position to purchase watches.

To protect your watch collection and make sure you get a fair price for it, get an unbiased watch valuation. By providing details and pictures of your watch, you will ensure that you get the most money possible for your watch. The process is simple and can be done online. If you are selling multiple assets, this is the best way to ensure that you get the most money for your timepieces.

Another way to keep track of your storage auction units is by using the AuctionWatch feature. The AuctionWatch list is visible on your Dashboard. This list is easy to access and shows you how many auctions you’re watching. Clicking on an auction will take you to its details page, where you can view more information.

Phillips is a good example of an auction watch brand that has a successful track record. In fact, their total revenue for 2019 was EUR99,600,000. In addition, twelve out of 17 watches sold at Phillips sold for more than EUR1 million. The success of this brand is due to a number of factors, including attention to detail. For example, Phillips has an excellent online bidding system, which makes it easy for buyers to bid on their watches. This has led to a growing number of online memberships and more activity.

Christie’s is another example of a successful auction house. Their catalogs feature lavish descriptions and pictures of the items they are selling. In addition, they often host VIPs and the media. When you bid on these watches, make sure to look for the sale price. If the price is too low, the seller is probably not going to pay the full amount.

The serial number on a watch can be an excellent indicator of its authenticity. Another good way to tell whether the watch was made by a manufacturer or by an operator is to check the engraving method used. Pantograph engraving was popular in the sixties. Seeing the engraving underneath a loop can reveal some peculiarities. Moreover, a specific operator may use a particular engraving method, which will be consistent across the entire brand.

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