INTC Stock Price Forecast Revealed

by admin

The latest INTC stock price forecast and target has been revised downwards by Wall Street analysts. The stock is expected to perform versus the Semiconductors industry and US market. The consensus rating among 25 analysts is Hold, with two recommending a Sell and six recommending a Strong Sell. This is a stock analysis website and not a financial advisor.

Intel’s stock price has experienced a positive return over the past 10 years. The stock’s performance has been positive relative to its peers and broader market indices. In addition, it has a beta of 0.93 and has a correlation of 0.36 with the SPY ETF. In the most recent quarter, Intel posted revenues of $15 billion and earnings of $.59 per share. The company missed on revenue expectations by $-92 million but exceeded earnings expectations by $.25. While Intel has performed below market expectations for the past year, the stock has outperformed the market during the last two weeks.


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