Purple Wave Auctions Review

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Purple Wave is a local auction house that sells a variety of items. While art and antique auctions have been suffering during the recession, Purple Wave has found a new niche. Their online auctions are expanding the audience they reach. Currently, the auction house focuses on real estate, vehicles, and agricultural equipment. For example, a recent auction brought over $585k for 647 acres of land in Kansas.

The company has been growing every year since it was established in 2000. While many of its auctions are for profit, they have also done well in charity auctions. CEO Aaron McKee started Purple Wave as a live auction house and has since turned to an internet-based model. The company currently serves over 300,000 visitors and 700,000 unique sessions per month.

The company’s online auctions allow sellers to sell their surplus assets. Whether you need agricultural equipment, construction equipment, or transportation equipment, Purple Wave can help you sell it at the lowest price possible. The auction site acts as a clearinghouse and offers a hassle-free service for buyers. In addition to providing a seamless online experience, the company also offers financing services.

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