RDOF Auction 904 Announced

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The FCC has announced the winning bidders in Auction 904 and has published a notice to that effect. The winning bidders must disclose detailed financial, operational, ownership, and technical information. The winning bidders are subject to a comprehensive review and approval process by the FCC. They may make minor changes to their applications before the deadline.

In order to help you complete the Form 183 and understand the auction process, the FCC has created an online tutorial to help you. This tutorial provides an overview of the process and also explains the secure bidding system. You can also find written instructions for completing Form 183. A separate tutorial will be available closer to the auction date.

The winning bidders in Auction 904 can be identified by name, RDOF Tier and Latency, T&L level, and reserve price. To access this information, you must login. In addition, the winning bidders will be listed on the map. You can also see the estimated build out cost for the property.

The procedure for the RDOF Auction 904 can be confusing. You must know the FCC RDOF rules before submitting an application. Besides, you must also be certified by your state. If you are not certified by your state, you need to file with the FCC and USAC. The FCC also releases a preliminary list of RDOF eligible areas. In addition, the FCC issues guidelines for LOC for non-U.S. banks. The FCC also announces the opening of short-form applications.

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund is an initiative created by the Federal Communications Commission to award up to $20 billion in funding for broadband infrastructure deployment and network operations. This funding is meant to benefit rural areas with poor service availability and a lack of adequate broadband service. The fund is structured in two phases, the first phase of which was open on 10/29/20 and closed on 11/25/20.

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